What can we do in Wee Jasper?

Your first option is to sit back and do nothing, just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, just the occasional Sheep baaing.

If you have too much energy for that option, then your choices come in a number of styles.

Wee Jasper is sitting on a vast limestone seam that is riddled with Caves, some are tiny but some are huge and you can explore any of the caves on public land. There are even some that can be explored without too much specialist gear. Make sure you let someone know where you are going. If you are not quite that adventurous, you can go on a tour of Carey's Cave with an expert guide who can show you one of the finest caves in Australia.

If the stroll down to the Goodradigbee River is not enough for you, then follow in the footsteps of Hume & Hovell on their epic journey of discovery by walking along the Hume & Hovell Walking Track. There are walks which take from one hour to several days.
Alternatively, you can take a quiet walk through the Native Dog Nature Reserve and take in the pristine beauty of the local bushland.

Go to our special "Fishing in Wee Jasper" page for more information...

Boating, Sailing and Waterskiing
Most visitors to Wee Jasper would laugh and say "Where". As mentioned above, the Burrinjuck Dam water level is generally so low that you would have to go a long way to find enough water. When the level is above 60%, you can launch a boat at Carey's Reserve. When the Dam is 100% full, you can launch a boat at The Stables Tavern.

Canoeing and Lilo-ing
A favourite summer pastime on the River. You can have a lazy drift down the River from Micalong Creek or Billy Grace Reserve down to Wee Jasper for a cold drink or an Ice-cream. Do keep in mind that you are mostly passing next to private property and you should not trespass, most landholders here don't like unexpected visitors.

We do not recommend swimming in Winter - sorry I just had to put that in.
You can go swimming at Billy Grace Reserve, Swinging Bridge Reserve and Micalong Creek. You can go for the short walk up to the Waterfall at Micalong Creek or down to the river junction. When you are swimming, please be very cautious of submerged logs etc and realise that deeper water can be dangerously cold even on the hottest days. Diving is always extremely dangerous.
Even when the River is quite low, be aware that the river current can be very strong and your next stop would be the Burrinjuck Dam Wall...
Picnics & BBQs
You can go for a picnic at any time of year, and there are a number of beautiful spots that are easily accessible. You can head to any of the Camping Reserves, which have the only public access to the River. Billy Grace Reserve and Fitzpatrick Trackhead have Electric BBQs available, but these are popular with campers. Gas BBQs can be used at all times of year except during Total Fire Bans (Please refer to the Fire Danger Signs for current conditions). If you are feeling like a bit of exercise, why not take a packed lunch up to the top of Mount Wee Jasper on the Hume & Hovell Walking Track. If you do not come prepared for a picnic, the General Store can supply most items.

Fauna and Flora Watching
The bush areas around Wee Jasper are popular with amateur Birdwatchers who come to catch a glimpse of over 56 atlased species of Birds. If you take a quiet stroll through any of the bush areas you will spot some of the dozen or so species of Mammals known in the area and probably some of the local reptiles... If you sit quietly on a rock, sooner or later you will see some of the wildlife and birdlife coming past. There is an abundance of wallabies, kangaroos, parrots, echidnas, wombats, eagles and unfortunately some rabbits and foxes.

Trailbike Riding, Hunting, Shooting and "Pigging"
These "mostly illegal" activities are very strongly discouraged in the area, unless you have direct permission from the appropriate Landholder.
Police and Rangers patrol our district and will prosecute anyone illegally involved in these activities.

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