Fishing in Wee Jasper

Wee Jasper has long been known as a mecca for Fishing. Many trophy-sized fish have been caught in the Goodradigbee River, Micalong Creek and in the Burrinjuck Dam. Unfortunately, no one tells where they actually caught "the big one", so we cannot suggest the best spots to try.

You are welcome to go fishing in some sections of the River and all of Micalong Creek, as long as you abide by NSW fishing regulations - including valid fishing licences for adults. Our Fishing Season goes from the October Long Weekend to the June Long Weekend. There are lots more details about this in the NSW Freshwater Fishing Guide below.

In recent years, the drain on the water level of Burrinjuck Dam for Irrigation and Rice Growing has greatly increased, so regretfully the normal dam level is a long way downstream, which means the fish are generally a long way downstream which makes fishing a bit of a hit & miss affair with more "miss" than "hit".

Obviously, when the water level is up, the chances of catching a good fish rise as well.

When the level is above 60%, you can launch a boat at Carey's Reserve.
When the Dam is near 100% full, you can launch a boat at The Stables Tavern.
A Brown Trout about to take a Fly

Wee Jasper Fishing Club

The Wee Jasper Fishing Club is a family oriented non-profit organisation.
The club meets several times a year on the banks of the Goodradigbee River at Swinging Bridge Reserve. A great time is had by all with competitions run regularly. Every one has thoughts of catching the big one. Around camp fires the size of the catch gets bigger by the hour.
One of the aims of the club is to re-stock the Goodradigbee River on a regular basis to complement the efforts of the Fisheries.

Joining Fee - $7.00 + Badge $5.00 = $12.00
Yearly sub - October to October = $7.00

Joining fee - $2.00 + Badge $5.00 = $7.00
Yearly sub - October to October = $2.00

Dennis Smith
Wee Jasper Fishing Club
25 Lethbridge Street
Phone (02) 9862 1518


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